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About Us

Fry’s Bakery is a small family run wood-fired sourdough bakery in the Vic West neighbourhood of Victoria, B.C. We use organic freshly stone-milled flours and only the best locally sourced ingredients to make our long-fermentation sourdough bread, pastries, and pizzas. We are a community-supported business, supplying handcrafted foods to our lovely neighbours and a select few shops and restaurants around the city. 


Pizza Sunday

Every Sunday we turn the bakery into a pizza shop. The pizza team creates a new weekly menu using ingredients from local Vancouver Island farmers. Our naturally leavened crust is crafted from freshly milled durum and spelt. All these elements come together in our wood-fired oven to create a truly satisfying pie.

Limited bread, doughnuts and pastries are available at 9 am, pizza starts at noon and goes until the dough runs out!

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