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About Us

Fry’s Bakery is a small family run wood-fired sourdough bakery in the Vic West neighbourhood of Victoria, B.C. We use organic freshly stone-milled flours and only the best locally sourced ingredients to make our long-fermentation sourdough bread, pastries, and pizzas. We are a community-supported business, supplying handcrafted foods to our lovely neighbours and a select few shops and restaurants around the city. 


Fry’s Bakery was started in Moosejaw SK in 1897 by Byron Fry’s great-great-grandfather, Charles Fry. In the 1920s, the Frys relocated to Vic West, where they opened their bakery at 403 Craigflower Rd. The shop was a community staple in Victoria until its closure during the Second World War.

In 2010, unaware of this family history, Byron built a wood-fired oven on a trailer and began baking bread for farmer’s markets. While looking for a business name, the original Fry’s logo and family photos were discovered. The historic connection came full circle in 2012 when Fry’s moved into the storefront at 416 Craigflower Rd, opening shop across the street from its historic location.

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